You Only Need These 7 Products to Turn Your Yard into a Water Park 

Let’s face it, summer is hot! Whether we admit it or not one of the top things on our minds is cooling off. You see it at the beach, the lakes, neighborhood pools, ice cream shops or anywhere that air-conditioning is awesome. The downside is, all of those places usually include crowds.

What else can you do? How about making a waterpark in your own backyard? Convenience, peace and crowd control...ahhhh! The question of where do you start still remains. So, here are the only seven products you need to turn your yard into an enticing, colorful, refreshing waterpark!

Three Arm Rotary Lawn Sprinkler

Bring back the simplicity of yesteryear with the upgrades of today. Nothing says water fun like a sprinkler in your backyard. Unless it is a sprinkler that has multiple spray directions and angles. This sprinkler will spray in one direction or at a 45 degrees angle and will cover up to 3000 square feet. You can easily adjust the density, size and scope. Use your imagination and catch the waves in these multiple swirly, twirly streams of water!

Link: Lawn Sprinkler

Price: $12.99

Splash Pad

Kids of all ages will have a blast on this 68-inch splash pad. Just plug the sprinkler attachment into any garden hose and adjust the water pressure to your preference of a lower or higher spray height. Those hot breezes will become cool ones when you are in your own private backyard fountain.

Link: Slash Pad

Price: $23.59

World’s Longest Slip and Slide

Everyone will be wide-eyed as they enter your backyard and gaze upon the world’s longest slip and slide! It is 75-feet long and 12-feet wide! The slide is constructed of thick, specially formulated, UV protected plastic. The surface is extremely smooth and rated to hold 256 pounds per square foot. The patented fastening system will hold the slide securely to the grass so the only thing slipping and sliding will be you and your kids!

Link: Slip and Slide

Price: $149.95

Family Sized Easy Set Pool

The whole family, adults included, will enjoy this 12-foot pool. It's easy to install and will be ready for water in 10 minutes. Simply hook up the hose and fill it up! A filter pump is included along with a setup and maintenance DVD. The dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation resulting in better water hygiene and clarity. If relaxing at the waterpark is your thing, this will be your favorite spot!

Link: Easy Set Pool

Price: $51.77

Baseball Water Slide

Enjoy one of America’s favorite past times in a totally different atmosphere, a cool one! Make that slide into first base or home plate full of splashing laughter. The 14-foot baseball diamond features a refreshing water rail sprinkler that keeps the surfaces slick. Lightweight baseball and bat are included. The ground steaks will keep it stable for sturdy and unique water fun!

Link: Baseball Water Slide

Price: $36.50

Trampoline Waterpark

If you have a trampoline you know summer is not the best time to use it. Not only is the weather steaming, but the trampoline itself gets blazing hot. And after only a few jumps the kids can become dangerously overheated. It’s a shame when the kids are out of school with free time on their hands and no way to enjoy their trampoline. Well, not anymore. The easy to assemble spraying hose covers the entire trampoline turning those hot days into a cool and incredible water experience!

Link: Trampoline Waterpark


Water Slide

Every waterpark must have a waterslide and your backyard is no exception! Renting anything bouncy can get expensive fast and you only have it for a day. Enjoy this heavy-duty, colorful waterslide for years to come! It's sturdy enough for three to four children or up to 400 pounds.

Link: Waterslide

Price: $199.99

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