11 Ways to Make Money with Your Phone

A long, long time ago my dad told me that one day it would be possible to have phones in our cars. I couldn’t imagine how cool that would be! Years later I saw people on TV shows with these small devices in their pockets. At the time, I thought those were only for the rich. But these days almost everyone has a smartphone. They are definitely not just in the hands of the wealthy. Cell phones may not make you a millionaire but they can make you some money. Here are 11 ways to make some extra cash with your phone.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the Facebook page that allows its members to buy, sell and trade. Unlike Craigslist, you can check out the profile of those you do business with. Although most sellers will be legitimate; always remember that fake accounts can be created. So as with any online, non-accredited business, check it out thoroughly and be safe. There are no fees for listing on Facebook Marketplace.


eBay is a very successful online marketplace. If you are selling, it is easy to take photos of your items and upload them with your phone. You will also have the mobile convenience of keeping up with sales and communicating with potential buyers. Here you can buy or sell almost anything with no strict rules on items that can be sold. A seller lists an item on eBay, and when the listing ends, the buyer with the highest bid wins. Or a seller can choose to list items as “buy it now”. There are fees to sell on eBay.


It may take a while before you see cash rolling in but with time and patience you can make money blogging. Most bloggers make money by selling and placing ads on their site. Including using affiliate links in the content. These links can make you a commission when people click on the link in your blog. Check the bottom of pages and ads for product affiliate programs.


Survey sites are paid to get your input on many things from restaurants to clothing to what TV shows you watch. They simply take some of their earnings and pass it on to you for your opinions. Start by searching for surveys you qualify for so you don’t get turned down after investing your valuable time.

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Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for specific needs or events. This is not about earning an income, but more along the lines of helping to pay for a variety of life circumstances such as illnesses, accidents, medical and even happier events such as celebrations, homecomings and welcoming a new life into the world. 

Receipt Surveys

When dining out, take a closer look at your receipt. Often there are surveys that take only minutes to complete which will result in free appetizers, desserts and sometimes even free entrées. Before you return home from a dinner out, you can earn a bonus for your next visit! However you can save money is money made!

Price Matching

Search ads with ease from your phone. If you find an item in a competitor’s ad that is a lower price than you paid for the identical item, many retailers will match that price and give you a refund of the difference. There may be a time limit so don’t procrastinate! 

Sell Photos

Search for websites such as shutter stock and the Foap app that will turn your photos into extra cash. Payment formats may vary and they must be your own original photos. Foap is a great way to start. The first step is to download the FREE mobile app and upload your photos. Buyers searching for photos will find your images on Foap where they can purchase and license them for $10 each. 

Amazon Trade-In Program

Bored with your video games? Have you finished reading that stack of books? Are you itching to buy that new video game system but need extra funds to get it? The Amazon Trade-In program lets you trade-in eligible items such as video games, books, electronics and more for an Amazon.com gift card. You will receive an immediate offer and get free shipping for your trade-in. 

Shop Online

Instead of running all over town just to find that your store is out of stock, use your phone! Avoid the stress of crowds and long lines by shopping online in the comfort of your home. Most sites offer free shipping with a reasonable purchase amount. Be organized with your shopping needs to avoid multiple shipping fees as those will add up. Save gas and time because after all, time is money!

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