7 Ways To Get A Free Vacation

Adulthood can be an exhausting rollercoaster with all the twists and turns that come with it. Weekends are just too short and don’t allow you to rest up for another long week. Before you know it, you'll need some R&R to recover from going through the motions. A little vacation will do you some good and go a long way. These are seven ways to get a free vacation and provide an escape from the organized chaos of your life.

Secret Shopping

Shopping for groceries, clothing and other miscellaneous items often find their way onto our to-do lists. Mystery Shopping, popularly known as secret shopping, can actually help you gain a free vacation by working up the ranks until you’ve reached the qualification for vacation shops. You shop, provide feedback on service and goods and payment is provided upon assignment completion. It’s a win-win situation, shop til you drop!

Organize A Trip

As much as we would like for our vacations to be already planned out for us, it’s always the case of us having to plan it out and really prioritize what we want to do. With Grand Circle Cruise Line, you can plan the trip, invite eight of your closest friends and you’ll travel free as the group leader. If you’re feeling super generous, you can split the cash equivalent of your fee so everyone saves on the cost of their trip.


Sometimes there’s just a need to escape from your routine and, you find yourself wondering where I am able to go on a short notice. Couchsurfing allows you to just go on a whim by selecting your destination to stay with a local host for free. These hosts open up their homes and lives by welcoming you into their city. After arriving at your destination, you’re able to meet other travelers and possibly explore the city with your host.


Airfare, hotel reservations and miscellaneous expenses add up real quick, especially when you’re second-guessing whether or not you should take the trip. With platforms such as Nomador, you’re able to stay at a place for free since you’re house-sitting for a homeowner that’s out of town. This saves you a ton of money that normally would go to a hotel for an extended period of time but instead, you can use those funds for some other fun activity.

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I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably wondering how volunteering is going to be an actual vacation. Volunteering for a few hours a day will be exchanged for food and board, which isn’t bad when you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely foreign culture or language. Workaway, a cultural exchange website, offers the opportunity for hosts and workawayers to connect and set up trips. 

Work on A Farm

Working on a farm may sound like the complete opposite of a vacation but the opportunity to work on one with like-minded people is available through WWOOF. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Farm owners will post a job listing and once hired, the owners will pay for your boarding and food. You’ll work a few hours but the possibilities are endless in what you can do in a foreign country to learn and explore the culture around you.

Teach English

We talk all day, every day to our family, our friends, our co-workers and even strangers on the street. Put your talkative personality to work and teach English in a foreign country. The thought of having to “teach English” can sound a bit daunting but sites such as Diverbo offer a week-long opportunity to enjoy culture, people and conversation in a different country.

Taking a break from your life will help revitalize you and come back better than ever. Some of the options listed above might involve some work but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your much needed R&R. The price of working a few hours is priceless to the exposure you’ll get to the world and culture that await your anticipated arrival. Ready, set, go!

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