These BBQ Hacks Will Save Your Sanity!

There are not too many lazy things about the hazy days of summer! If anything, it seems to be just as busy and hectic as the rest of the year. Vacations, get-togethers, weddings and the list goes on.

Any path that leads to a shortcut, which in turn allows more time for fun and relaxation, is definitely up my alley! For example, those summer barbecues can get messy and time-consuming. In trying to make the world a better summer place, here are 9 barbecue hacks that will save your sanity!

Serve Condiments in a Muffin Tin

Use a muffin tin for serving condiments. Using one-piece items rather than several individual serving dishes will make cleanup much easier and faster! You’ll have one dish to wash and it will also keep everything together. Carrying one or two muffin tins is a lot easier than juggling multiple jars of condiments, making life just a little bit easier!

Use a Kiddie Pool as Cooler

Use a round kiddie pool filled with ice to sit sides such as slaw and potato salad in to keep them cool like this. It works like a cold buffet so there’s no need to rush them back inside. Just be sure to keep the lids on to keep flies out.

Onion Grill Cleaner

Clean your grill with an onion. Be sure your grill is super hot for this hack to work. Cut an onion in half and insert a fork into the rounded side. Scrubbing your grill with an onion will loosen the grime and take it right off of the grill.

Herb Bug Repellent

Get rid of pesky mosquitoes by throwing a bunch of herbs into the fire pit while you’re cooking and later onto the grill. Bugs and mosquitoes hate herbs like lavender, mint, lemon balm, sage, and of course, citronella. Once your food has come off the grill, place a few bundles of fresh herbs on the grate. The smoke will deter pests and is chemical-free.

Use Cupcake Liners on Cold Desserts

If you are serving ice cream or popsicles, cupcake liners are your best friend. For the popsicles, cut a slit and slide the stick in, open side up to catch the drips. For ice cream, scoop the ice cream out ahead of time. Put a scoop in the liners so they will be ready to serve instead of spending messy, extra time while your guests are waiting. This way, everyone will be served at the same time.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes. Your drinks will stay cold and won’t get diluted. A day ahead of your event, put grapes, berries, lime slices, sliced peaches, etc. into airtight containers and freeze them. These will keep your drinks fresh and make them beautiful as well! Use them alone or freeze them into cubes by adding a tiny bit of juice or water.

Use Chips to Start a Fire

Use chips as a fire starter. The greasier the chip the better starter it will be. Doritos, Fritos and Cheetos are said to be among the best. They won’t actually start the fire. You have to bring a flame to them, but they are great at taking it from there!

Cook Meat Under a Brick

Wrap a brick in aluminum foil and place it on top of any meats that are thick and need to be flattened. The weight from the brick will allow the meat to cook through more thoroughly, getting food to hungry bystanders faster!

Use a Sheet as a Tablecloth 

Is your tablecloth constantly blowing off the table? Sometimes causing drinks, cups and other items to flip over? A fitted sheet slips snuggly over a traditional rectangular picnic table and the elastic keeps it from blowing away. 

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