These Amazon Products Will Make Your Home Feel Like Spring

Spring is officially here! This season has so much to look forward to like, flowers bursting with color, warmer weather, cookouts and more. However, nothing is perfect and spring is no different. With beautiful flowers and budding trees come dreadful pollen. Everything takes on a dusty yellow hue. But thankfully we are better off than many in days past.

In 1864 a housewife wrote in her diary “Swept and dusted sitting-room and kitchen 350 times. Filled lamps 362 times. Swept and dusted chamber and stairs 40 times.” Fortunately for us, we live in a world of Roomba's and other incredible innovations. 

So where did spring cleaning originate? It is actually a participation in a very old tradition that originated in several religious and cultural traditions. Also, during the 1800s, according to the Washington Post, “the biggest annual housecleaning took place in the spring because the winter left homes coated with a layer of soot and grime in every room. Lamps of the time were lit with whale oil or kerosene, which had to be heated with coal or wood, so you can just imagine that mess. Proper cleaning required opening windows to let the soot out, which, of course, could only be done during warmer weather.”

Modern-day reasoning is that the fewer hours of daylight in winter trigger the release of melatonin in our brains which is the hormone that causes sleepiness. That results in less energy during the colder months. When spring arrives, it brings with it longer days and more sunlight which slows down melatonin production.

We no longer have to scrub coal and soot, or dust 350 times, which is quite the relief. We are fortunate to have products that will make our homes feel bright and full of spring! Go from grime all the way to sparkling windows and springtime freshness. The best part is Amazon can take you there without even leaving home. Here are a few products that will make your entire house feel like springtime!

Invisible Glass Cleaner

Make all of your windows sparkle with this incredible product that utilizes a fine no run mist. This glass cleaner is trusted by auto detailers but used in homes as well as automobiles.

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

Clean grout in tight spots with a battery powered scrubber that's the size of an electric toothbrush. Your bathroom will definitely thank you.

Macy Pet Hair Remover Brush

Remove pet hair efficiently without the sticky rollers. This gadget is double sided and has a self-cleaning feature. No refills needed!

Pet Stain and Odor Miracle

Pet hair isn't the only thing that our fur babies can leave behind. This spray is natural and proven to remove all stains, old and new to make sure your home always feels fresh.

The Drill Brush Power Scrubber

Don’t forget the outside of your home! The Drill Brush Power Scrubber fits on your cordless drill to scrub away grime, mold, mildew and algae. It works great on concrete, stone and patio furniture.

Affresh Washer Machine Cleaner

Cleanliness isn’t complete if the cleaning machines are dirty. Use this washing machine cleaner once a month to ensure that your clothes are the cleanest they can be!

Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers are perfect for deep cleaning. They have four times the cleaning performance than leading all-purpose bleaches. They remove crayon, stickers and deep grime that comes from dirty hands.

Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush

We all need a good toilet brush and plunger but that doesn't mean we all need to look at them. This handy contraption cleans deep and hides the tools!

Amazon Basics Air Blower

This reusable gem will blow away tiny debris from your computer and other tight crevices without the worries of running out of air.

Plant Therapy Essential Oil Set

Complete your spring cleaning with a fresh scent while staying away from toxic ingredients. These oils use germ-fighting properties while leaving behind citrus, lavender, peppermint and lemon scents that will lighten up your space with springtime happiness!

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