How to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

J.D. Power has reported that Americans pay an average of $73.00 a month for their cell phone bill. If you’re one of those people, here’s how you can cut your cell phone bill in half (or more.)

First, Review Your Current Plan

Before you make the call to switch plans, be sure to assess your current plan, usage, and other considerations. You can save yourself a lot of money by looking at your current plan realistically.

Ask Yourself... Then Consider...
What type of plan do I have? Are you on a contract, prepaid plan, or month-to-month plan? Research shows that month-to-month plans are generally cheaper (and that you should avoid signing longterm contracts.)
What is my monthly usage? You may think that you need a ton of data only to realize that you don’t use that much on average. Or, you may be trying to save money with a small data plan, but keep going over and paying a premium. Look at your past bills to get an idea of your average usage to pick a plan that works for you.
How can I decrease my data usage? Convenience rules, but there are probably ways to cut down your data usage without too much effort. Music streaming can eat up data at a rate of 1MB per minute. Try downloading your playlists beforehand to avoid that.
Do I need to upgrade my phone? It’s tempting to upgrade to the latest  Apple or Samsung phone. Not only are the newest phones very expensive, but they can add to your cell phone bill. Many companies offer installment plans to pay for new devices, but if you calculate it out you’ll ultimately end up paying more for the device and adding a significant monthly cost to your bill. If you do need a new phone, check out the best time of year to save on one.

Once you have a better idea of your current situation and your future needs, you can consider ways to cut your cell phone bill in half.

Join The Family

You don’t have to have actual family members on a family plan to get one. If you’re on an individual plan at the moment, see if you can get a group of three other people together to join a family plan (most family plans are designed to be the most economical with four lines.) It’s one of the easiest ways to immediately cut down on your cell phone bill without changing your provider or service.

Carrier Monthly Cost (per line, with four lines) Plan Info Benefits
T-Mobile $40.00 Magenta Plan: offers unlimited talk, text and data. Free data and texting abroad. In addition to unlimited usage, the plan price includes taxes and fees, so $40.00 is what you actually pay. You also get a free Netflix membership!

$35.00 (with autopay)

Unlimited Basic Plan: unlimited talk, text and data. One of the most affordable unlimited plans out there and you get free access to Hulu.


Go Prepaid

Getting a prepaid plan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or limit your data usage. Prepaid plans from Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk offer great packages for a fraction of the cost of monthly plans.

Carrier Monthly Cost Plan Info Benefits
Virgin Mobile $35.00 This plan comes with unlimited talk and text and 5GB of data. A great amount of data for an affordable plan. Great selection of phones for a prepaid plan (if you don’t bring your own.) 
Straight Talk $45.00 Unlimited talk and text, and 25GB of high-speed data. For the amount of data you get, this is a fantastic value. You can save even more money by prepaying for several months in advance.


Un-Smart Your Cell

These days people are getting a lot of screentime. If you’ve fantasized about getting off of social media and limiting your screentime, then going back to a basic cell phone is a great way to achieve that and save a lot on your bill.

Carrier Monthly Cost Plan Info Benefits
Republic Wireless $15.00 Unlimited talk and text with the option to add data at any time. A worry-free plan for those mainly looking to chat. Easy to add data if you need it at the affordable rate of $5.00 per gigabyte.
Tracfone $9.99 ($8.99 with auto-refill) A bare-bones plan that gives you a combo of 30 minutes of talk time or texts or data. Prepaid. You won’t find anything cheaper out there and there are other affordable plan options you can upgrade to.


Put Those Savings To Work

stash those savings. If you don’t have a personal budget yet, check out how to create the perfect one and add these savings to it.

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