Celebrate Memorial Day for Under $50 

Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States to remember and honor those who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. This holiday is observed every year on the last Monday in May. Families come together to celebrate and enjoy many festivities while at the same time, remembering these fallen heroes. There always seems to be something and someone to celebrate. While celebrations are a welcomed time to make memories with friends and family, the spending can add up quickly. That being said, let’s see if we can create a Memorial Day celebration for under $50.


Start the day by pulling up a YouTube playlist of patriotic music on your TV, computer, tablet or phone. Choose a portable device and take the music with you all day wherever you go. This is free and will set the atmosphere for the entire day.


Fire up the grill and load it with American hot dogs and buttered corn on the cob. Feed up to eight people for about $10.00 total if you catch the corn on sale. You could give the corn a Mexican flair by topping the succulent butter with cumin and chili powder. But that’s a different May celebration, so we’ll keep moving along.

Party Favors

Set your table with patriotic plates, napkins and accessories from the Dollar Tree. Add some sparkle to each place setting by including a party favor! Tye a red, white and/or blue ribbon around a box of poppers, a small American flag and the actual sparkle itself, a box of sparklers. Each place setting, with everything included, will come in at less than $3.00 per person.


To fill up the afternoon, many towns and cities host a free parade in honor of this special day. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for parades and other festivities in your area. Don’t forget to take your flag from your table setting to keep things festive.

After an hour or two in the heat, everyone will welcome the thought of a cool refreshment. Set up an old-fashioned sprinkler in the backyard for the kids. The sprinkler will thrill the kids and even water your lawn at the same time. You can find a sprinkler for under $10 at Walmart and it can obviously be used for many occasions to come. Add a cooler of bottled waters and this afternoon of fun will come in at around $15.

After all that daytime fun is done, find a local firework display. These are usually free as well. Pick up some glow flags and necklaces at the Dollar Tree rather than being tempted with the overpriced versions at the event. The flags will be one dollar each or you can get a package of five necklaces for a dollar.

Furry Family

Upon returning home, don’t forget your furry family members. Give them a cool surprise by putting their treats in the freezer or refrigerator for several hours. Another doggie favorite is a puppuccino, which is simply whipped cream swirled in a small cup for around $3.00.

While the pets are chilling, wind down the festivities with a healthy, ice cold slice of watermelon. There is nothing more beautiful or tempting on a hot day than bright red slices of cool watermelon. It’s even okay for the pups to have a bite or two as long as they avoid the seeds. A large watermelon will run approximately $5.00-$6.00.

A memorable holiday is almost in the books. And we did it for under $50.00! Gather everyone together and close out your day with your sparklers while again remembering those brave men and women who served.

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