9 Survival Hacks That Just Might Save Your Life

When it comes to a life-saving hack, the hack can be a quick fix or a way to be prepared. Hindsight really is 20/20 so let’s look ahead to some ways we can be prepared with peace of mind in case a serious situation arises.

Cell Phone

As wonderful and equally annoying as they can be at times, cell phones can actually be a life saver. Even with no service, they will still call 911 in case of emergency. The GPS tracking can locate someone if they are lost or missing. Always remember to keep your battery charged or travel with an external battery pack.

Seat Belt Cutter & Window Hammer

Car accidents can happen at any time in the blink of an eye. Even if there is no imminent injury, life can be threatened if passengers are trapped inside the vehicle. The emergency seat belt cutter and window hammer is a must-have tool that can allow for a safe escape and save lives.

Emergency Car Kit

This time of year it's easy to get stuck in a snow storm or horrible traffic. Before you know it, your one-hour car ride turned into four or more. Prevent panic and stay safe by packing a small cooler and bag with lifesaving items. Place several bottles of water in the cooler to protect from excessive heat or cold. Pack canned foods such as tuna, Vienna sausages or any other non-perishables. Add a hand crank can opener, disposable cutlery and a box of crackers. Always keep up with expiration dates and replace as needed.

In another bag keep a set of thermals, two pairs of winter socks, mittens, (because they keep your hands warmer than gloves do) and a warm blanket as well as a mylar blanket. Top it off with a warm beanie hat and you’re set for an extended delay in cold weather. For warm weather, the food and water should suffice. Add some baby wipes for cleanups and cooldowns.


While not life-threatening, smacking your finger full force with a hammer can result in an expensive ER visit. A great trick when using a hammer and nail that will protect your fingers is to hold the nail with a clothespin. 

Plastic Wrap

For a burn or a wound, plastic wrap is a very effective bandage. It won’t stick to the wound and is fairly sterile straight from the roll. Use it only for burns that are not chemical or acid. Simply wrap a layer or two securely around the wound until you can reach medical help. It is a much better choice than an old rag or unclean clothing that could carry infection-causing germs.

Baking Soda

Baking soda will put out a fire. If your cooking oil gets out of hand and a flame flares, first cover the source with a fireproof lid, then grab the baking soda and generously pour it on. This only works on a small grease fire so keep plenty on hand and work quickly.

Emergency Tourniquet

We’ve all seen in the movies when someone bravely rips their shirt or jeans to make a tourniquet to stop bleeding. That’s great for a muscular guy, but for the physically weaker vessels like myself, I need something a little more dependable. I prefer the accompaniment of a tourniquet that is quick to apply and 100% effective to stop bleeding fast.


If you or someone you know has chest pain or symptoms of a pending heart attack, take Aspirin. It will thin your blood to help keep it flowing. Additionally, it can help prevent further damage to your heart muscle and increase your chances of survival.

Stop Consuming Harmful Ingredients

A bit of a different twist but definitely a lifesaver is to hack the artificial ingredients and colorings out of your diet. What we put in our bodies likely won't hurt us immediately. However, over time it is something that is a definite threat to bring on illness and take precious years off of our lives.

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