7 Easy Ways to Make Money on Social Media

Some say that social media is a waste of time and that it's addictive. What if you could turn that addiction into cash? Odds are that you can do just that! Here are seven different ways that you can make money on social media.


Poshmark allows you to sell unwanted clothing items with just a couple of clicks! All you have to do is snap a photo of the item you want to sell with your iPhone or Android device, fill in the description, set the price and you're ready to sell. How easy is that? Clear out your closet and make some extra cash!


Everyone knows about Etsy. It's packed with adorable customizable pieces. There are a few limits however, you can only sell handmade or vintage items. Only unique and quality items are for sale. Social media is an excellent way to build and boost your business. If you own or are starting an Etsy shop, ask your friends to share and tweet your shop name. This will get you some great, free advertising.

Sell Your Talents

Are you a seamstress? Countless people are looking for someone to alter clothes or make a specialty item for a gift. Many items may be needed for a production or play that could bring in some big bucks. Are you a talented crafter? Post photos of your handmade items like Handcrafted by Morgan cutting boards. I have a friend that makes cozies for soup bowls. She casually posted a photo on Facebook and before she knew it orders were rolling in. That was not her intent but it was definitely well received!

Do you bake cakes? Post photos of your mouthwatering delicacies between lunch and dinner time when people are hungry. Sharing a good crisp photo will make your services sell themselves. Are you a great car mechanic? Make it known. There are always people searching and asking for recommendations on Facebook. Be there before they have to ask!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is similar to craigslist but offers a bit more security. Going through Facebook has its advantages because you can check the profile of potential buyers and sellers. Nothing is foolproof so you should always put safety first when meeting anyone for a sale. Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell in your local area. Facebook also makes it easy to report any negative issues or behavior.


What better place to post photos than on Facebook? If you have a yearning to pull out your camera every time you’re at a get-together or when a gorgeous meal is placed in front of you, you might just be someone’s dream photographer. Let it be known on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media that you are good at what you do. Also, be a stand out by offering a better price for your photographic eye. Before you know it, your talent may very well turn into a business.

Sell Your Home

Need to sell your home? Why not post it on social media? You can take your own pictures that will put its best face forward. You know your home better than anyone and you will have the freedom to describe every detail. I have a lot of friends who are wonderful real estate agents and this is not to take away from them. But if money is tight and you or a trusted friend know the legal ins and outs, you could sell your home yourself and save a bundle on commissions.


If you are in search of a pet or are a breeder yourself, Facebook pages are an awesome way to introduce yourself as well as your fur babies. Post your most precious photos that will catch all eyes and stop any scrolling. Buyers can meet you and you can meet them and somewhat search out potential homes in advance. It’s a convenient and easy way for questions to be asked and answered at a convenient time without having to deal with constant phone calls. 

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