13 Travel Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

Navigating the process of booking travel and traveling to somewhere is as much of a journey as the one that you’re embarking on. Some tips from seasoned travelers can save you a lot of stress, money and time. Below are 13 travel hacks that will definitely change the way you travel for the better.

1. Be flexible and book in advance

It goes without saying that being flexible is key to enjoying and making the most of your travel. When you’re planning a trip, keep an open mind as to the destination and time of year you go. You can use sites like Skyscanner to see price ranges over months. Google Flights is a great platform to play with as well.

2. Search for flights privately

It’s smart to track flight prices over time. However, there’s a possibility that this can work against you. Travel booking flights save cookies, so they may show you pricier flights knowing that you’ve checked prices before to push you to book. Always double check prices in an incognito browser window.

3. Consider alternative stays

There are many options beyond traditional hotels for your stay. AirBnb, of course, has had a huge impact on what’s available for travelers. You can rent fantastic places, potentially for less money, that may also help you connect more with the local experience. Additionally, don’t be averse to hostel stays. Many have private rooms if you don’t want to stay in multi-bed rooms and it’s a great way to meet people.

4. Roll your clothes

When you pack, rolling your clothing will take up significantly less space in your luggage. There are other hacks you can follow to save space, like packing socks in your shoes; bringing your lightest, most compact shoes; and using packing cubes to keep things organized.

5. Pack lightweight, dark colors

In a similar vein, choose your travel wardrobe wisely. You should bring clothing that’s versatile and lightweight. It’s also a good idea to choose darker colors because they are easier to keep clean looking.

6. Organize your cords

One of the worst packing catastrophes is when all of your device cords get tangled with each other and your other items. Save yourself the frustration by storing your charging cords in a glasses case. You can also use binder clips to keep them organized as well.

7. Keep your luggage fresh

Dryer sheets aren’t just great for laundry. They also help keep your clothing and luggage fresh when you’re traveling. Stick some in your bags and you won’t have to worry about things smelling funky.

8. Pre-plan your arrival transportation

The first test in your travels is navigating the trip from the airport to wherever you’re staying. Make sure you plan this part of your journey out ahead of time to avoid getting lost or taken advantage of.

9. Bring a day bag

You won’t want to carry your bigger bags around with you after you arrive and go out on daily tours. Make sure you have something you can use to carry essentials for your day trips. Ideally, it’s a small, lightweight bag that is compact or part of your larger luggage.

10. Download your destination’s popular apps

The messaging app WhatsApp is hugely popular worldwide. It’s also a great way to connect with new people you meet without needing a phone service. Check out what other apps are popular in the destination you’re traveling to as they may come in handy as well.

11. Pre-download content on your device

If you’re on an international flight, chances are they’ll provide some form of entertainment. It may be limited, though. It’s best to have some options available to you on your phone, tablet or laptop that you can watch in a pinch. Also, if you use a music streaming app, make some of your tunes available offline so that you can enjoy them while you’re traveling.

12. Have important locations on-hand

Similarly, make sure you have a list of important addresses on-hand so that you can refer to them when you don’t have service on your phone or if it runs out of battery. This is especially important in countries where you don’t speak the language.

13. Use Yelp to find free wifi

Yelp is a great resource for finding places to eat. It’s also helpful in finding places to get free wifi access. Search for “free wifi” near your current location and you’ll get a list of results of places where you can go to access the internet. Of course, you’ll need to pre-search at the place you’re staying before you go out for the day or use a little bit of data.

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