13 Non-Romantic Things to Do on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has not been one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. The heart holiday can be hard to handle if you don't have a significant other. Or maybe your heartthrob is simply clueless. But hey, Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily for lovers.

It can be for ALL those we love, spouses, children and everyone in between. That opens up a whole new non-romantic holiday and I, for one, am good with that! That being said, ideas are needed for Valentine celebrations that are purely platonic.

Host a Friends Party

Okay, this is an obvious one so let’s go ahead with it and move on. As simple as it is, it’s affordable and easily attainable. Decorate with all the bells and whistles...and hearts. Add food, fun and celebration with a group of close friends. Upscale a bit and have guests bring a box of chocolates or cheese with a complimentary bottle of wine. Whether you choose simple or fancy, enjoy the freedom and have fun!

Have a Movie Marathon

Steer clear of the mushy movies and laugh your night away while avoiding the achy breaky heart mentality. Snack on bowls of popcorn with some funny conversation hearts mixed in to keep things festive.

Spend Time With Your Furry Friend

Show love to your dog. Take your faithful furry love for a walk and stop for a Valentine puppuccino. Starbucks offers free pupuccinos which will make the occasion even sweeter. Click here to get a free Starbucks drink for yourself.


Give some love by volunteering at a food pantry, soup kitchen or any place that gives to those in need. Or go on a search for the less fortunate or homeless and give them a warm, love-filled meal in a take-out bag. Spread love to your entire community by volunteering your time!

Visit the Elderly

Whether elderly folks still live at home or in a monitored situation, days can become very lonely for those living apart from friends and family. Brighten their Valentine’s Day and bring back some youthful memories with home-baked cookies or cupcakes. And don’t forget to give as many hugs as possible.

Have a Special Family Dinner

Serve a pasta dinner by candlelight for the whole family. Instead of wine, serve grape juice in Dollar Tree goblets to add an upscale dining out touch at home. Cut out some heart shaped brownies and lay them in a dish beside a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Zigzag a drizzle of chocolate syrup for another fancy touch.

Have a Camp Out

Or more of a “camp in”. Gift everyone some heart print pajamas. Pop some popcorn and play board games. Spread out sleeping bags and sleep by the glow of the “campfire” whether it be the fireplace or tealights scattered about.

Pay Love Forward

Shop from the heart. Head to the store for a bag full of $1.00 boxes of heart-shaped chocolates or a bag of Valentine lollipops. Give them to those that look like their heart might be breaking. Use this day to spread all kinds of love and simply make people smile and their hearts full again.

Host a Kiddos Party

Have kids? Have your own Valentine party. Just for family or invite best friends and neighbors. If friends are invited, plan ahead and do a secret Cupid, just like secret Santa. Keep the gifts simple and on the Valentine theme.

Make a V-Day Gingerbread House

Take advantage of the after Christmas sales and have a family or friend heart-friendly gingerbread house contest. Have an unbiased neighbor do the judging to keep things fair. Or just make one all together just for fun!

Make Neighborhood Valentine Boxes

Send out notices to your neighbors to decorate a box similar to the ones done in elementary school. Fill out childhood type valentine cards and drop them off in the boxes throughout the day. Write a special personalized note on each, thanking or uplifting your neighbors in some heartwarming way. Maybe add an IOU or coupon for a future babysitting, grass cutting, pet care or any special help you can offer.

Love Yourself

Alone on Valentine’s Day? Don’t wait for someone else to pamper you. Take a bubble bath. Have your favorite meal. Watch your favorite movie. Snuggle up and love the special person that YOU are!

$5 Outing

Go out for a simple ice cream or coffee. Unwind while counting your blessings and being thankful for all of the people in your life that you truly love and those that love you, your true Valentines!

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