13 Free and Low-Cost Hobbies!

Hobbies are important to have. They are any type of activity or interest that allows you to relax in your free time. Sometimes hobbies can be rather expensive like skydiving or dance lessons. However, just because you have a tight budget and finical goals doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a new hobby! There are plenty of free and low-cost hobbies that you can start anytime. Here are our favorite 13 free or low-cost hobbies!


Sure, yoga classes cost money. But nobody ever said you have to go to an instructor lead class to practice yoga! Yoga is all about connecting your mind and body through a series of movements. Yoga is a hobby you can do alone or with a group. You can find online videos to lead you through movements which would make this hobby free!


Do you enjoy being outside? If so, you should definitely consider hiking as a hobby. Hiking is a great way to get exercise and explore! For all intents and purposes hiking is a free hobby. You may have to pay parking fees or park entrances but you can always find free trails. Get detailed information about trails near you using AllTrails.com.

Foreign Language

There are many ways to learn and practice a foreign language that don’t require you to spend a bunch of money. Duolingo has a free version and a paid version. The free version is supported by ads but offers many different language options. How cool would it be to know a foreign language? This hobby could totally change your life!


Giving your time to others can be extremely rewarding! What are causes that you are passionate about? Find a nonprofit organization that aligns with your values and reach out to them! Free volunteers are so valuable to the success of a nonprofit. Your time and effort will leave you feeling fulfilled in so many ways.


You don’t have to be a classically trained artist to enjoy drawing! Drawing and coloring are relaxing activities. In fact, adult coloring books are super popular right now like this one. If you want this hobby to be free, try sketchy with a pencil! If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, invest in some nice colored pencils or crayons.


Knitting can be extremely relaxing. You can cuddle up in a cozy nook and focus on yourself for a while. You can learn how to knit mittens, scarves, blankets, pot holders and so much more. Sure, you have to spend a few dollars on yarn but when you perfect your craft you can sell your items! Set up an Etsy Shop and sell your hobby to cut the cost of yarn. You may even be able to run a profit!


If you enjoy being outside and animals, you should consider birding! Birdwatching or birding is the act of wildlife observation in which you listen for or spot different species of birds. You can invest in an inexpensive bird identifying book like the National Geographic Backyard Guide to Birds of North America.


Origami is the art of folding paper. The goal is to fold a square piece of paper into a sculpture. People are discouraged from using scissors, glue or marking the paper in any way. You’ll need to learn exactly where to fold the paper to create what you’d like. This intricate hobby can be super rewarding!


Who didn’t have a rock collection when you were younger? Collecting items can be a real blast! Now that you’re a bit older you can take the time to learn all about the different items you wish to collect. Whether they be rocks, stamps, pins, coins or anything else!


If you're a fan of scavenger hunts or treasure hunting, in general, you need to check out geocaching. Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which participants use a GPS to hide and seek containers called geocaches. There are millions of treasures hidden all over the world. You can download the free app to find treasure in your neighborhood today! 

Book Club

Reading is an excellent hobby! Not only can you learn about an endless amount of topics, but you can also connect with others! Like in a book club! Start a book club with a few close friends or join one in your area. Suggest books that you can rent for free from your local library to keep this hobby extra affordable.

Brain Games

Do you enjoy puzzles? It’s very important to remain mentally stimulated. Suduko and crosswords are a great way to stay sharp. You can get a variety book of puzzles like this one. If you want this hobby to be completely free, many newspapers publish daily crosswords in their publication.


Do you like to write? Writing is a hobby that provides endless possibilities. If you’d like to narrow your focus, consider poetry! There are so many different types of poetry that you can learn about and master. Plus, a nice, heartfelt poem can make a really great gift for the special people in your life!

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