11 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School

You walk into your favorite store and the pool inflatables, beach accessories and salt water taffy have turned into notebooks, pencils and lunchboxes. Even the shorts and swimsuits are replaced with sweaters and back to school clothes. That feeling in your kids’ stomach becomes overwhelming. Everywhere you look the words loom over you... back to school. The sighs and the groans begin. Even if kids enjoy school they’d much rather stay home. What can you do to make losing their freedom and getting up before daylight bearable? Or better yet, make them excited to head back to the best years of their life?


First of all, entice them with a new wardrobe. Most kids like picking out and putting on a new super hero, a frilly skirt or a cool shirt. Just be sure to keep them off-limits until school starts, keeping the newness and anticipation is a perk of the new school year.


Encourage students to try out of for a sport, cheerleading or join an exciting club. There’s nothing like putting on a uniform, school logo or making plans for homecoming floats to raise their school spirit.


Make back to school shopping some type of tradition. You could start with breakfast at Waffle House, continues as a scavenger hunt for needed school supplies and ends with a laid-back marshmallow roast.


On the first day give them a back to school diary. Encourage them to make quick entries about each day. Then, when school is out, have an all-night living room camp out reading the memories, reminiscing, laughing and making more memories. Add some munchies to keep you going, of course.


High five the last day of the first week with a special tradition. Host a sleep over or a special family celebration. Serve fall foods and snacks to get excited about the months of upcoming education.


One day per week, tuck a surprise in their lunchbox or book bag. Don’t let them know the day it will appear and rotate it to keep them guessing. It could be a note for after-school ice cream or a break from chores that day. Whatever it may be, your kiddo won’t be able to wait to open their bag!


If they have a school year birthday, put a special birthday napkin in their lunch. Add money for an ice cream for dessert or tuck in a special birthday cupcake. Top it with a birthday card to tell them how proud you are and how much you love them.


Give them goals to work for. Keep them realistic but exciting. For example, you can earn $5.00 for every ‘A’ on report cards. Add a grand prize at the end of the year if they keep it up. Remind them frequently how it can add up to something they’ve really been wanting. They will also learn the thrill of accomplishment.


Kids have worries too. Especially where grades are concerned. Set a day aside as often as needed to assure them they aren’t alone. Ask how things are going. If they need help, give or get it. Encourage them to ask questions, large or small. Never let them feel as if they are sinking, but are instead confident they have a lifeline in any situation!


Attend football games and other school events. This will make them want to support their school while showing that you support them. As often as possible, keep the whole family together for dinner together afterward. Something simple like pizza makes for a great tradition.


Take as many pictures as you can throughout the school year. Include friends, teachers, ordinary days as well as special holidays and events. Most schools have yearbooks at the end of the year but how often do you search for that special picture of your child? And I’m sure they secretly do the same. Put your personal snapshots in an album and create not just any yearbook but their yearbook! You can make a mini version for their best friends too!

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