11 Kid Friendly Patriotic & Summer Crafts

School is out and summer is in. When we think about summer holidays, the Fourth of July is the big one. Kids are generally asking to help especially if a celebration is at hand. Add to the fact that by the time July hits, boredom has too. These issues are the perfect storm for needing some creative outlets. So, let’s get started making some July summer fun! These crafts can be modified to fit your Fourth of July themes. Click each title link for complete instructions.

Bubble Wrap Cherry Blossom Tree Painting

Every parent knows that kids love bubble wrap! Using that same mesmerizing substance as a paintbrush will open up a whole new world! While cherry blossoms perfectly depict the picture of spring and summer, use the same technique to create flags and fireworks. Let kids use their imaginations, a place where possibilities are truly endless!

Sponge Sail Boats

As a kid, some great memories were made with a simple tub of water on a hot day. The toys that suddenly became swimmers and boats were magical. These days with a Dollar Tree not far away, making adorable sailboats only adds to the fascination and can be customized in red, white and blue. Grab anything plastic and big enough to make a small pool, some sponges, skewers and patriotic colored paper. The kids will be ready to set sail for hours on The Fourth with their personal little boats and their private lake.

Troll Mason Jar Plants

With the hit movie Trolls out there, these Troll jar plants will meet kid approval! Start with some small mason jars, primer, paint and embellishments. Choose from real plants or hearty artificial ones for the hair. Add some sparkly stars and you will have a lasting craft that will bring smiles that last all summer!

Fish in a Bag Slime

Let’s face it, slime is so in! Whether you have kids over for Fourth of July celebrations or a simple play date this craft will keep everyone engaged! All you need is some plastic fish, liquid starch, Elmer’s glitter glue, clear plastic treat bags and string. Color the water blue and use red and white fish to fit the holiday.

Squirt Gun Painting

Another cool painting technique is doing it with a toy squirt gun. Simply hang up sheets of watercolor paper on an easel or from a tree branch, load the squirters and let ‘em go! Have several colors to swap and choose from. If water guns aren’t cool with some use spray bottles instead. Either way you choose to do it, you will have some pretty crafty firework-looking décor!

Marker Tie-Dyed Shirts

Some things never go out of style and tie-dye is one of them. This version is kid controlled and will set their style in designing their own shirt. Each participant will need their own pre-washed light-colored cotton T-shirt. Other supplies include rubbing alcohol, a liquid dropper, small plastic cup, rubber bands and a variety of colors of Sharpie permanent markers. Or stick with red, white and blue to make it a patriotic memory. The magic happens as the alcohol is slowly dropped onto the design. That’s one back to school outfit done!

Pop Bottle Glowing Fireflies

Fireflies seem to be making a comeback and these cute little guys might be part of the reason! Use them as the sun sets on your holiday celebration. Save them for a campout or sleepover to light the way and add comfort to any dark area. Kids have also been known to actually play with them! You’ll need some plastic water bottles, tissue paper, hot glue sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, foam sheets, Mod Podge and a hot glue gun. You could even make adult fireflies by using a two-liter soda pop bottle!

Bubble Print Butterflies

Whether you choose butterflies, zoo animals or American flags, the technique is the same. Supplies include watercolor paper, bubble solution, liquid watercolors or food coloring, small plastic containers and straws. When the solution is mixed, “bubble it up” with the straws and transfer the bubbles to the paper. When they dry, cut your beautiful bubble print into whatever you wish! This is a great way to get outside and help decorate!

DIY Puffy Sidewalk Chalk

Add some dimension and rekindle your kids' love for sidewalk chalk while letting them contribute to some festive decorating. With squirt bottles, flour, shaving cream and washable paint, you can do just that! Food coloring is sometimes used but to prevent a possible permanent decor, I prefer the washable paint. After all, no child wants their masterpieces immediately washed away!

Hovercraft Balloon

So much for paper airplanes once the kids discover they can make their own hovercrafts! Imagine the fun they’ll have watching these colorful flying objects float around the yard! All you need is some CD’s, glue, balloons and a drinking bottle lid.

Plaster Sand Prints

Celebrating The Fourth with the waves and sand? Most summer trips to the beach mean returning home with the same old gimmicky souvenirs. Not anymore! Instead of wasting time and money searching for the perfect beach treasure, make one! While on the beautiful beach, your workshop is right at your fingertips. With some plaster of Paris, sand and water you can make priceless hand and footprints to keep forever. Add some real beach treasures by dropping some seashells in the print before filling it. Now, that’s a souvenir loaded with memories of this special day!

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