11 Gifts Your Mom Might Want This Year

Ahh, Mother’s Day... what a sweet day for those who still have their mothers, while bittersweet for those who don’t. When I was a child, on Mother’s Day, if your mother was living you wore a red rose. If she was no longer living you wore white. So, before we get into the gifts that today’s moms might want, let’s remember those sweet moms who are in heaven now. The person that gave us life, comfort, cherished memories and all of the wonderful things that mothers do.

Moms are fortunate that their gifts normally come from a broader range than dad’s ties and socks. But what would she really like? I consulted several moms of all ages and interests. Most of the feedback was something simple such as a gift card, a handwritten card and spending quality time alone with their children. Some moms preferred a little bit of time to themselves with a stress relieving pedicure or massage. Others would light up with a plant or a hanging basket to enjoy throughout the summer months. For those wanting a tangible gift that they can deliver, here are the top 11 gifts that moms want this year.

I Love You Necklace

If Mom loves jewelry, this I Love You Mom Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace will make an impacting, lasting gift. Include a box of tissues because the love and thoughtfulness in this gift will surely bring many happy tears to her eyes.

Garden Tool Set

Mom may want to take off the jewels and get her hands dirty. This 8 Piece Heavy Duty Gardening Tools with Storage Organizer will get her in the sunshine and fresh air while making gardening easy. This set has everything she needs to make the fruits of her labor fun.

Organic Products

All moms want to feel clean and refreshed. These days, important components in that request are organic and natural. A flower fresh way to accomplish that is Little Black Dress soap and lotions from Simply Eden. It is as realistic and lasting as a basket full of freshly picked flowers.

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Definitely not a run of the mill Mother’s Day idea, however a unique and stand out choice is a rotating surface cleaning attachment for a pressure washer. Moms need all the help they can get when it comes to cleaning!

Satin Pajamas

As mom winds down on Mother’s Day, keep her looking pretty and feeling cool in these silky lounging pajamas.

Classic Movies

A lot of moms love going out for a restful Mother’s Day dinner. However, since taking your mom out is such a popular idea, the result is extensive crowds and waiting in lines. Most moms want the dinner out but afterwards, prefer to enjoy a quiet movie at home. Some said they would love to watch their childhood favorites. Perfect timing on this one as Mary Poppins Returns has recently been released!

Workout Bands

Many moms are looking for easy ways to be healthy and this 3 Pack Latex Elastic Bands will do the trick. These bands work great for upper and lower body, core exercise, physical therapy, easy at home workouts and much more!

Organic Makeup

Keep the special ladies in your life healthier with organic makeup. Skin is our largest organ so it’s important to nourish it with non-toxic ingredients. Moms want to look vibrant without causing health issues and this Beautycounter six-piece set will keep mom safely covered. 

Programmable Coffee Maker

Take the dread and hassle out of sleepy mornings with a programmable coffee maker. Coffee ready and waiting will put a smile on any groggy face!

Laptop Backpack

Whether she’s heading to work, school or vacation, a travel laptop backpack will get moms to their destination in an organized fashion. This backpack is waterproof and includes a USB charger and an anti-theft lock.


Moms love relaxing at the end of their busy, hectic day by the glow of candlelight. Goose Creek candles are a unanimous favorite because of their many amazing scents and extraordinary value. Mom can breathe easy with these candles by knowing she isn’t breathing toxic chemicals.

However you choose to remember your mother, it will be a priceless treasure because it came from her greatest gift of all...YOU!

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