15 Free Things For College Students

As a college student, you’re already committing an exorbitant amount of financial resources into your education. That’s why when you can get stuff for free, you have to take advantage of it.

Here are 15 free things available for college students.

Amazon Prime Student

You already know about one of the world’s largest retailers and now entertainment providers. Did you know that as a student you can get six months of Amazon Prime for free? Yep. Get a group of eight students to take turns and you’ll have it free for four years.

You Need A Budget

Most every student is on a tight budget. Luckily, one of the best programs and educational resources for budgeting smartly, You Need A Budget, is now available to college students free of cost (usually $6.99 a month).

Microsoft Office

Unless you’re planning on writing your term papers by hand, you’ll need Microsoft Office on your computer. Get Office 365 Education completely free.


In college, food is life. Most college campuses realize this and entice students to come to events or join extracurricular activities by offering free food. While you’ll probably be most successful checking the posted fliers around campus, you can also find free food events using the handy Lunchbox app.

Checking Accounts

Savor this time in college. Not just because of the experience and learning, but also because you’ll be hard put to find fee-free checking options like the ones college students have. Most major banks offer student checking accounts that don’t have the extra fees and as many rules as their regular accounts.

Autodesk Software

All Autodesk software is offered for free to the education community. This is a huge benefit for those interested in engineering, architecture and design.

Free Soda

This offer will especially come in handy during midterms and finals. College students can get free fountain drinks at Chipotle and Chick-fil-A with a valid student ID. It’s not the healthiest free perk, but it is free.

Museum Admission

Most major museums will at least have one day or night each week when college students can get in for free. Also, check with your school to see if they have a special arrangement with museums in your campus’ city or town. Of course, school museums will always be free for students.

Bus Transportation

A lot of college campuses work out a deal with the city or town that they’re based in to allow their students to ride public bus transportation for free. Check with your school to see what the deal is in your area.


It’s stressful enough to worry about doing a presentation in front of your entire class or lecture hall. Prezi makes it easier to make sure that whatever you throw up on the screen at least looks good and flows well. College students can get a standard education plan for free.

Github Developer Tools

If you think you may be interested in software development or want to develop the skill for your post-grad resume, then this offer from Github will be invaluable to you. They’re offering a software development pack for free to students that includes a ton of educational resources.

The Wall Street Journal (And Potentially Other Newspapers)

While this one’s not guaranteed, The Wall Street Journal is partnered with many institutions to offer free access to current students. You can check to see if your institution has this on their student subscription page. Check to see what other publications may be offered for free at your school as well.

Health Insurance

Gone are the days of forking out for your school’s overpriced health plan. Students can stay on their parents’ health plan up until they are 26-years-old, so be sure to take advantage of that huge benefit.


Free counseling -- a truly underutilized benefit -- is available on most college campuses. Check with your school’s health and wellness center to see what kind of counseling is available to you.


Along with tuition and housing costs, books can get expensive for students. Check to see if the titles assigned to you, especially in English courses, are available for free on Project Gutenberg, which offers over 57,000 ebooks for free.

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