13 Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes the standard way of doing things isn’t necessarily the best way. The following 13 cleaning hacks will change your life for the better. They’re more effective or cheaper than usual, or both. You’ll wonder why you weren’t using these hacks all along!

Scrub Your Tub, Spa Style

While bathroom and tub cleaners are readily available at stores, the hack we love the most is actually found in the produce aisle of your supermarket. Take half of a grapefruit and cover the fruit part with salt. Then, wet your tub and sprinkle a little more salt around the edge of the tub. Use your salted grapefruit as a de facto scrub brush. Rinse it all away with water when you’re finished and you’ll be left with a lovely fresh, citrusy scented bathroom.

Stop Lifting The Couch To Clean Under It

Have a pair of old or ripped stockings? Don’t throw them away just yet. Instead, throw them over the head of your broom when you’re looking to clean dust out from under the couch or other pieces of furniture. The dust will cling to the stocking, making it an easy clean without lifting or moving furniture.

Stick It To Dust With Lint Rollers

We all know lint rollers can get unwanted dust and lint off clothing. They also work amazingly to take dust off of delicate surfaces, especially lampshades and lamps. This hack saved many people from awkwardly dusting lamps to no avail.

Toothbrushes Clean More Than Teeth

An extra toothbrush can be put to better use than just saving it for an occasional house guest. Toothbrushes are fantastic cleaning tools for things like faucets, vents (hair dryers, car vents), a coffee grinder, shoes, computer keyboards and any other smaller spaces with nooks and crannies.

Get Fingerprints Off Your Walls

Sometimes fingerprints and other inexplicable oily stains get on your nice, light colored walls. All you need to get these out is some chalk and a damp cloth. Cover the stains with chalk and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with the damp cloth!

Clean Wood Food Surfaces Without Chemicals

Ever wonder if that chemical cleaner is soaking into your wood cutting board or kitchen surface? If the idea of that irks you, just take half of a lemon, cover the open part with Kosher salt and use that to scrub your wood kitchen surfaces. Rinse with warm water after and you’ll have a clean surface with a lemon-fresh scent.

Deodorize Your Fridge

If you left a perishable in the fridge for a little longer than it should have been, you may be left with an unappetizing odor. Get rid of and keep those smells at bay by placing a bowl of coffee grounds (new or used) on the top shelf of your fridge. It’ll take care of all those unpleasant smells.

Don’t Let Burnt Pots Burn You Out

It may seem like the black residue on burned pots and pans is there to stay forever. That’s not the case! Fill a burned pot with a mixture of water and vinegar (about two cups, depending on the volume of the pot or pan) and bring it to boil. Once boiling, take it off the heat and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Let it sit and you’ll be able to scrub the black residue off easily!

Get Oil Stains Out Of Fabrics

Anyone who cooks is very familiar with oil sprays from a hot skillet. You don’t have to live with oil stained clothes forever, though, with this great recipe to get them out. Cover the stain with baking soda, pressing it down with your fingers, and let it sit for 45 minutes. After that period, pour dish soap on top and use a toothbrush soaked in vinegar to scrub the stained area. The oil will come right out in the wash.

Coffee Stains

All coffee drinkers have spilled a cup of coffee and more often than not, at least one has landed on your outfit. To get that seemingly impossible stain out, soak a cloth in vinegar and pad it onto the stain. Cover the stain with baking soda and press it down with your fingers. Then, dip an old toothbrush in vinegar and use it to scrub the baking soda into the stain. Throw it in the wash and voila!

Red Wine Stains

If you think your shirt or tablecloth is done because of an ugly red wine spill, think again. Pour vinegar onto the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Add baking soda on top and scrub it in with a toothbrush. Throw it in the wash and you’ll be amazed at the result!

Pesky Grass Stains

If you have kids, then you probably deal with grass stains on a weekly if not daily basis. Dab the stained area with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Let it air dry and pour laundry detergent and then baking soda over it. Use a toothbrush to scrub the area. The washing machine will do the rest!

Dry With Aluminum Foil

Replace your dryer sheets with cheap, easy, and effective aluminum foil balls. Take a good amount of aluminum foil and ball it up into the size of about a tennis ball. Smooth it out as much as possible. Place two of these in your next dryer load and it will make sure your clothes are static-free and without any smell.

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