11 Apps You Need if You're Paying off Debt

Paying off debt is difficult, we all know that. While our parents and grandparents had to pay off their debt on their own, nowadays, we have hundreds of tools and apps available to help us manage and eliminate our debts. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to several of the best ones!

Debt Book

Debt Book is a simple app that keeps track of your debts. It collects everything into a “master book” that shows you how much you owe, how much you’ve borrowed, and how much you’ve paid. It also lets you view these statistics in charts, helping you to visualize your progress.

Debt Book is super convenient because it lets you send payments and communicate with your lenders within the app. However, your lender has to also have the app for this function to work.


ChangEd is a unique app that rounds up the change from each purchase that you make, depositing the excess into an insured account. Then, once this account reaches $100 saved, ChangEd puts this money towards your student loans. By shaving off small portions of money from your purchases, ChangEd helps you save on interest payments and get your loans paid off quicker.

Credit Card Payoff

The Credit Card Payoff app helps you set simple time goals for paying off your credit card debts. It also comes with functionality that enables you to calculate how different payment variations will make a difference on your loan, such as paying an extra $50 each month. If you have credit card debt, it’s a must-have for setting goals to pay it off!

Debt Manager and Tracker

Debt Manager and Tracker is another app that helps you keep thorough track of your various debts in one place. The app can also update you on your current due payments and track your progress with graphs and other visual features. The app is free, but by upgrading to the Pro version, you unlock in-app messaging and fingerprint locking capabilities, which is excellent if you desire extra security.

My Debts

My Debts is an app that focuses more broadly on finance management rather than just debt management. The app sets up visual representations of all of your payments and expenditures rather than just your debts, which can help you get a bigger, clearer picture of your finances. The app is also capable of sending you alerts when a bill or payment is due.

Debt Free

The Debt Free app uses different methods of debt repayment to guide you through eliminating your debts quickly and efficiently. You can choose to utilize payment plans like:

  • The “snowball” plan, which involves tackling your smallest debts first
  • The “avalanche” plan, which involves addressing your high-interest loans first
  • Tackling your highest balance debts first
  • Or any other order that you desire

Debt Payoff Assistant

The Debt Payoff Assistant app works similarly to the Debt Free app above since it helps you tackle your debts in an order that you chose. Debt Payoff Assistant also helps you track your own progress and shows you visuals to help illustrate that progress. The app can remind you when a payment is due, too, and can create charts and reports based on what you input.

Debt Free Calculator

The Debt Free Calculator app helps lay out all your debts in one place, see how each one affects your finances and track how paying for each one affects your future. The Debt Free Calculator is also capable of building a repayment schedule for you. The app focuses on using the “snowball” method to pay off your debts quickly, but you can use your own plan if you prefer.

Debt Tracker

Debt Tracker is a robust app which helps you visualize your debts in order to repay them better. Debt Tracker is also unique because it offers functionality to lenders too, and can help them visualize how much is owed to them. Debt tracker also lets you sync your information with Dropbox, ensuring that your information is never lost if the app crashes or your phone is in trouble.

Debt tracker lets you keep track of your other finances too, which enables you to visualize your debts next to other important accounts like your savings.


Mint is a very robust, free app for budget tracking that’s available for Android, Apple and your computer, meaning you can access it from just about anywhere. Mint is made by Intuit, the creators of TurboTax, so if you already have an Intuit account, signing up is a breeze. The desktop version has the most features, with things like:

  • “Goals” to help you stay on track with your debts and other finances
  • Calculating how much you need to pay each month to achieve the goals you’ve set
  • Budgeting tools to help you set aside enough to reach your goals
  • Progress tracking through the Mint app


Tally is an extraordinary debt management app in that it’s fully automated. Tally works more like a personal loan that a repayment app. If you qualify for Tally, the app makes payments on your debts for you, and you’re only responsible for paying for Tally’s loan and for the Tally service.

Tally promises that it will save you money on interest payments overall, but you need to have a FICO score of at least 660 to qualify for the service, which may put it out of reach for some users.

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